John Sparry


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atmospheric photograph of Mr Sparry

Telephone: (01384) 359109

Some of the local clubs and societies where John has appeared:

Quinton Local History Society
Kidderminster History Society

Some of John's talks, as delivered to many local societies and clubs, including two appearances in the Stourbridge Celebrity Lectures series.

Appointments With Fear: Count Magnus And Count Dracula, Two Men In Black

Given only in "places of atmosphere" - very effective "Round About Midnight"...

Those Old Radio Times: Marconi to Mrs. Dale

A reminiscent chuckle from a chap who has never owned a telly!

The Discovery Of The Powder Plot

The Gunpowder Plot, described by someone who lives very near to Holbeache House.

Johnson, Cruden & Grose

The adventures of three dictionary compilers of the eighteenth century.

Talking About Nothing In Particular

By one who has had some practice in this field.

Some Of The Ladies In My Life

Characters both funny and influential!

John Sparry's photograph by GRAHAM GOUGH.
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